A Conceptual Tool To Be The Best Version Of You

In the past months, I’ve been creating this tool to help me better understand myself and how I am doing with my life?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone’s been styling at home and I’ve been contemplating whether I’ve been doing things right lately or whether I’ve been doing the right decisions. Although, I know that everyone’s doing their best to cope up, we can’t deny the fact whether we’re making the right decisions even during the toughest times.

So, I started pulling out my notebook, did some sketches, doodled, create somewhat a dummy product and simulate it for the next 2 weeks.

So I posted all the ideas below and will let you judge whether this is a good start and could be something beneficial to everyone.


The idea about this tool is heavily influenced by Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Maslow said in his theory that in order to easily attain your higher needs such as love, belongingness or life-fulfilment, the basic needs must be at least met first such as security and physiological needs.

maslow's heirarchy of needs sketch

Emotional Security

emotional security

Existential Security

existential security

Love and Belongingness

love belongingness


I also tried looking for inspirations and there were plenty based on an unexpected source! A video game! If your a fan of the Sims, you might already get what I meant.

The Sims

Atomic habits

atomic habits

What’s next

It’s a half baked idea that might leave your head scratching but for now, I’ll leave it idea as it is. Will keep you updated on the progress.