Social Forces: Do Social Relationships Work Like Physics?

I have lots of recent ‘what ifs’ that would be interesting to explore visually and it’s been floating in my head quite a while now.

Some of us might have physics subjects back in university or even high school we might not really like. For me, I am fascinated on the part of the subject where we visualize forces interacting on each other and we calculate resultant forces, so and so forth.

What if we try to imagine these individual objects as an individual and these interacting forces between these individuals could be their relationships.

There are lots of words between physics and social relationships that are used similarly whether its literal or just metaphorical.

One example is the word ‘attraction’. There is a widely known word in Physics that is often associated with attraction, gravity. In social relationships, this could be something as physical attraction or love as what we all know.

It would be fascinating to visualize, people’s relationships, whether it is family bond, sibling love-hate relationships and probably a sea of people with extremely complicated relationships with each other.

It’s an idea worth exploring and would be interesting to look at datasets available if any of it exist or have to produce own.

That’s it for this idea post, nothing else much to add. 😺 Thanks for the read!